SCARCITY project announced a strategic collaboration with FOMOIN on March 14th.

SCARCITY is a decentralized social media service or decentralized social media service designed and developed to solve the problems of traditional centralized social applications and media.

FOMOIN is a launchpad that provides the world’s most comprehensive and up-to-date cryptocurrency funding information. It is also a platform that specializes in events such as AMAs and Airdrops.

Through this partnership, SCARCITY plans to conduct various events to promote SCARCITY and expand its global reach.

“The connection between SCARCITY and Fomoin will be meaningful in attracting new users globally and build the foundation of decentralized social media,” said a SCARCITY representative.

Meanwhile, SCARCITY has recently launched simultaneous listings on 10 global exchanges and is working to globalize its platform.


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